Sujatha Ramanna - Owner & Chief Executive Officer

As Owner & CEO of ReStl Designers,  Mrs. Ramanna is responsible for the Managerial and Operational Control of the firm. This includes all technical, marketing, financial, and human resources functions and activites of the company. Mrs. Ramanna also oversees and directs company initiatives designed to maximize client satisfaction and ensure the company's long-term reputation.

Mrs. Ramanna obtained her Masters in Business Administration from Salisbury University in 1990 after graduating from Bangalore University in 1987.

Alaa Jaber, P.E. - President

As President of ReStl Designers, Mr. Jaber oversees all aspects of the firm's design operations, and works closely with all team members to monitor the coordination of project efforts throughout the entire duration of the project. He is directly involved with the development of program adjustments and updates, and directs the project design process as necessary.